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23 November 2010

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For all those network administrator who are deeply concerned with keeping an close eye on the entire network by monitoring each and every activity that are being carried out in it can relax now with System PulseMeter 1.5 at their disposal. System PulseMeter is a fantastic network monitoring software program that will assist you to persistently check your network infrastructure, organizing all the devices that are connected to the network, database, and services along with application status. This network monitoring programs 12.2MB .exe file can be easily downloaded from the internet and installed in your system. Best part of is that you have to install the program agent only once, that will enable you to control entire hosts connected to the network plus this tool will automatically get updated by this application. More over if you are apprehensive of all the network problems and system failures that occur regularly in a network, without wasting any time you should get started with System PulseMeter that promises to alert you with prior notification in case any problem occurs. Besides just alerting you it also has the capability to resolve most network troubles automatically and restart all the failed services and application with many customized options it offers.

System PulseMeter comes with many features that make it a fine network monitoring application software. In addition to controlling many hosts manually or automatically with a single network monitoring tool including updating database, it also provides the option for agent or agent less monitoring. As all the data monitoring and management is carried out by one tool we can say that it is a very compact tool. In case you need the failure report in hardcopy you can easily do it as this software program will allow you to get all the reports of network failure in printed format.

Just install System PulseMeter in your system and keep the network failure at bay by monitoring all the networking activities and getting timely alert. We rate this software program with a score of 4 on a scale of 5 for the flexibility it offers.

Publisher's description

System PulseMeter is a comprehensive network monitoring tool for total network monitoring: get a centralized insight into the monitored IT infrastructure. Monitor network performance, various databases, running processes, applications and services, control incoming and outgoing traffic, stay informed if some crucial windows updates were not installed at some hosts, monitor usage of system memory, threads and CPU used and all this with just one network monitoring tool.
Use SNMP for agentless network monitoring. Built-in MIB browser makes it easy to browse MIB files and set OID's and MIB values.
Use scheduler to automate monitoring process. Easily pause monitoring while performing infrastructure upgrades.
Check various data and operations based on WMI: control system parameters including used system memory, running threads, and CPU. Find out that remote hosts are down or having problems with productivity before you will start receiving calls.
System PulseMeter software makes it easy monitoring of services on all network hosts. The tool provides you with the list of services merged from all remote hosts. Easily check if certain applications are running by adding monitoring hosts memory processes to software tasks.
Monitor available disks and folder sizes and protect your system from data loss.
Network traffic monitoring option enables you to control the way your system network is being used, detect probable threats, measure traffic used by network users, etc.
Use ping feature to protect your company from data and costs loss from unexpected servers and hosts shut down. Perform TCP connection and HTTP request tests.
Stay always aware of your network state with the help of various alerts and notifications. Setup various notifications depending on the time of the failure.
Use various alert reports to have an easy insight into the issues.
System PulseMeter
System PulseMeter
Version 1.5
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